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What We Provide

  • High-quality Drywall: We offer a wide range of drywall options, including regular, type X & C, mold & mildew-resistant, interior & exterior, tile backer, and soundproof options, ensuring that contractors, builders, and remodelers have access to the right drywall for any project.
  • Metal Framing Solutions: Our selection of metal framing includes light gauge, structural studs & track, furring channel, angles, and accessories, providing contractors with the necessary materials for building sturdy and reliable structures.
  • Diverse Lumber Selection: From spruce and pine to pressure-treated and fire-rated options, our lumber inventory includes a variety of choices such as plywood, CDX, AC, BC, form ply, and more, catering to the specific needs of contractors and builders in the South Florida region and the export market.

Our Services


Tape, Joint Compound, Durabond, Corner Beads, etc.


Various types including Regular, Type X & C, Mold & Mildew, Interior & Exterior, Tile Backer, Sound Proof, and more.

Metal Framing

Light Gauge, Structural, Furring Channel, Angles, Accessories, etc.


Fiberglass, Rigid Board, Foil, Fire Proof


Spruce, Pine, Pressure Treated, Fire Rated, Plywood, CDX, AC, BC, Form Ply


Screw Guns, Taping Knife, Accessories

Our Approach

At Olympia Building Supplies, we take a unique approach to serving the South Florida and Export Market for over 2 decades. With strategically located facilities in Pompano, Miami, and West Palm Beach, we have the infrastructure and resources to efficiently service the Monroe, Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Export markets.

What sets us apart is our dedication to our customers. We believe in providing a professional, helpful, and friendly experience for every interaction. Our knowledgeable representatives are always ready to assist you with your next project, offering technical knowledge and support.

Experience Unmatched Construction Solutions in South Florida and Beyond


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